Photo of Lonny Papp

Lonny Papp

  • President/Auctioneer

Lonny Papp became a professional Auctioneer upon graduating from Nashville Auction School in 2007. Since then Lonny has called over 1000 auctions, most recently for over a dozen public agencies, selling a diversity of products ranging from heavy equipment and fleet, to general government surplus to real estate. He has a passion for providing quality customer service for local agencies. He also places significant importance in the work he does for non-profit organizations. Lonny has always enjoyed working with the public. Lonny has a keen knack for inspiring an auction audience; he is motivated to engage a crowd, have some fun, which in turn generally creates for a lucrative sale.

Lonny holds a California Real Estate License and has worked in the Mortgage and Real Estate field for over ten years before expanding into the auction industry. He is also a USPAP Certified Personal Property Appraiser with experience in the valuation of any and all goods and inventory. He has worked for the American Heart Association, numerous public and private schools and community organizations, along with numerous other Real Estate and Liquidation Auction Companies.

Photo of Rochelle Papp

Rochelle Papp

  • Operations Director
  • 916-740-0254

Rochelle Papp has been in the Real Estate and Auction field for over ten years. Her level of expertise in finding the right niche for the specific marketing needs of each sale drives up the value of the property. Rochelle is a specialist in the marketing of real and personnel property as well as the management of accounts and clientele. Rochelle has worked for and with numerous auction companies around the country and has now applied all of her experience to the endeavors of TMC Auction. Her strong attention to detail is one of her greatest skills, but Rochelle’s ability to effectively communicate with the seller, as well as the buyer, is beyond any other. Rochelle is driven to ensure the sale operations are seamless. Rochelle has received numerous awards and merits for recognition of highest sales and customer satisfaction.

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